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Sun Tzu, a military genius & philosopher writing 1500 years ago, said "Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat."

As a storyteller who thinks about your brand and makes web videos, mobile apps, & other media, I try to offer both. Web video is a tactic. iPad apps or DVDs are tactics. Your marketing vision -- your authentic brand -- is your strategy. By bringing practical strategic thought into action with nimble tactical efforts, we can help you secure swift, sustainable victories in the marketplace.

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Owen Richard Kindig   


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Do you want to be remarkable?... You already are. But the odds are your audience hasn't discovered it yet. To get there, you need to tell your remarkable story in a remarkable way. Not just any web video, marketing strategy, or WordPress sites will do. You know that your brand identity is your most important possession, and you want people to talk about it. Here you are sitting on the gateway to a world audience, and all you need is buzz. Referrals. WOM. Evangelism. But how? Jim Collins, whose hedgehog principle is studying great companies, talks about the tyranny of the "or" -- the inability to settle into a centered identity: YOUR brand.

Stories help you crystallize your brand

To get to remarkable, stop fussing with your branding, and focus on your brand. Simplify, eliminate alternatives, clarify. And clarify, not what you WANT to be, but what you ARE. To be remarkable today, remember that perfection is not what sells, authenticity is. You needn't be perfect or ideal or even the best at something... but you have to be authentic. The best way to do that? Tell a story. Because stories don't explain reality, they describe it. Stories don't make claims, they reveal character.

Authentic digital storytelling is our hedgehog

And that's our hedgehog principle: helping you find your story ... to see what's dramatically different, what's compellingly interesting, about you and your company.

What are some elements of authenticity that we can help you find in your story? Surprise without stupidity. Humor without self-destruction. Emotion without manipulation. That's what we do best: discover what's cool about your story, make it simple without being simplistic, make it powerful without losing the delicate nuances that make it right and true and you. With clarity about what's absolutely different, fresh, and unique, we Make your story remarkable.

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As a Seattle marketing consultant who specializes in video production and web design, we can help you define your authentic brand and communicate it to your audience. You may be able to do your own videos: we can help you get started with self-production. Perhaps you need an honest broker to critique what you are doing, provide a creative spark, be your production crew, or help you cast your video. Or maybe what you really need is Gone with the Wind. Whether you need a portion of the project or script-to-screen production, we'll help you find the best storytellers among your staff, clients or stakeholders, and bring their authentic story to the screen. Unless it's Jackass.

Owen with Ira Glass, Tacoma 2010. Owen was the director of photography for an interivew of Ira by Jim Henderson

We love startups and non-profits. We're passionate about sustainability and motivating change for the environment. We have a gift for touching the heart-strings for humanitarian agencies. We're also a quick study for your complex institutional storytelling challenges: college admissions or fundraising; corporate image, motivation, recruiting, marketing or sales. And yes, we've won awards for consumer spots too.

We're really excited about our new Story Continuum mobile app development service, Story Continuum LLC, the mobile app development and publishing service from Ztorytellerwhich allows us to partner with you to bring star power to your stories. We can mobilize your story: publish video or text apps to the entire mobile world -- iPhone, Android, iPad, Nook, or Kindle -- with amazing speed and without upfront investment. Whether you have the content or need it refined or created from scratch, we can help you monetize your skills, teaching technique, musical talent, story, YouTube videos, fascinating interviews, movie plot, app idea, literary work or scholarly treasure trove.

Call for a consultation or click here to make email contact. We're eager to get started!


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