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Glencoe Accounting "Get Connected"

Connect to the Real World from Owen Richard Kindig on Vimeo.

This excerpt from a sales piece for McGraw-Hill's Glencoe Accounting textbook is included as an example of simple green-screen technique using one actor playing a split personality. Owen Kindig served as writer/director, with Dave Wilson serving as editor and technical director. Chris Broyles does a stellar job as the spokesman. Notice that the left half of the entire narrative of the opening had to be shot in one take, while it was relatively easy to then shoot the right hand characters and employ jump cuts to position them in place. The camera was locked down for the entire opening segment.

For the closing segment, various product shots on green screen were intercut with the wider shots of the spokesman to give the illusion of oversize books in the set behind him. This particular version suffers from a few generations of quality loss... the original as we distributed it looked great.

It's not easy to engage a critical audience like teachers, and hold their attention. The challenge was especially daunting for accounting teachers, who as the character played by Chris Broyles implies, tend to be buttoned down and somewhat rigid. The idea for the split personality came from the "Connect" byline of the book, and from the fact that accounting teachers are notoriously resistant to change. We decided to challenge them with the friendly voice of their own alter ego ... expressing their "wild side". This video was extremely well received, and helped this revision of the Glencoe Accounting series gain significant market share in a tremendously competitive segment.