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 People Photography


People being people

I am in my element the most when there's enough time and space for people I am photographing to do their thing. The most authentic moments come when I discover it or capture it as it happens, with minimal direction and "retakes". Often, to do it well, it's necessary to be a little forward and outgoing at first, to break the ice and get them to accept the camera. Once they relax, they resume being themselves, and those results are deeply satisfying. When they enjoy being themselves, I find ways of catching their vibe that can communicate it to the world.

Corporate portraiture

Busy executives don't have time to let me synchronize to their "zone". They've got 12 minutes between meetings because of the standard daily emergencies. This calls for a different strategy on the part of the photographer. In these cases, I usually can talk to a communications person about what the context of the photo will be. If at all possible, I will prelight. In these cases, I prefer to use video lights, because they reduce the chance of surprises, and they blend more seamlessly into the ambient light. I then try to envision the person in motion... what are they doing just before, during, and just after the moment we wish to capture? By presenting a scenario and having the angle worked out ahead of time, we can avoid the look of a standard pose. By being ready before s/he arrives to their office, I am able to shoot a few candids while they confer with staff; then look at their mannerisms during a 2-minute get-acquainted conversation, and suggest a couple of poses that work with the light, the room, and the layout of the intended spread. The shots in this gallery do not yet represent the full range of executive portraiture I have done, or am capable of doing.

Winery Tour


This is a personal vacation project. I placed it under the people section because there are so many impromptu shots of people along the way. In addition, there are a number of nature and commercial shots that illustrate a variety of photographic illustration skills.

Graduate portraits

Gatherings of people

Spontaneous shots of friends and family at the park on a chilly winter morning. I like to find candids that authentically capture personalities and relationships.

Group pictures