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Web as the ultimate communication platform

In the early days of the web, it was called a superhighway. Now it's a lot more than something you travel on to get from one old thing to another. It's a city, a world, an ecosystem, a brain. It's where your ideas live and get bumped into new shapes. It's where the complexities of your personality get exposed, improved, dirtied, and redeemed. The web is where you hang your hat, visit your friends, confront your enemies, do your work, and escape from work. It's comforting and it's scary, endless and yet still humanly, maddeningly, finite. Most of the world lives there these days, and has multiple addresses.


Here are some examples from our portfolio:



Web Design sample: Fortress Secure Solutions

This site is under development for Fortress Secure Solutions, a Seattle Client. It's a CSS site with Wordpress-based storefront. We shot the photography for both of these security products sites at Urbanlight Studios in Greenwood. Actual link: FSSProtected.com


Web design sample: SecurityHow

This all-Wordpress ecommerce site focuses on discount pricing for the do-it-yourself home and office security market. Currently we're finishing the implementation including SEO and getting the blog underway to drive traffic to the store. Up till now it's been growing into the "brick and mortar" version of the eBay store of this client. Working link: SecurityHow.com


Web design sample: J and P Cleaning


This is a recent site for one of our first Seattle clients, J and P Cleaning. Jose and his family have a great story to tell, and they have a strong business that is now ready to grow. We're excited to help them make their dream a reality. We took photographs, interviewed Jose to learn his story, designed a quick little logo for them, and put it all together into a website and brochure. The actual link: JandPCleaning.com


Magnetic Studios home page design

This site was for our good friend and all-time favorite audio engineer, John Fippin. He asked us to handle the branding, including a new logo and photography around the studio. Another designer did a great job creating brochures. Like a lot of sites for busy people in the creative business, this one could use a refresh. Here's the link.



Current VLM International website and earlier branding engagement

VLM International is a small but smart Indiana software developer that pioneered in the development of telecom billing software on the PC platform. When they entered the business, their competition were all using very expensive mainframes and micros; VLM's niche became the many boutique shops that were crowding into the telecom industry in the first few years after deregulation. The campaign you see at top was actually the 2nd time we had branded the company. The first time (saxophone player visual shown above) involved a trade show booth, brochures, video, and advertising, (everything but the website). It cast the company as a cool startup and led to a quadrupling of their sales each of the next two years. But in the following decade a major downtown in the telecom market transformed VLM from fresh upstart to weary but surviving old timer. So when they brought us back to revitalize the marketing, we held brainstorming meetings to identify what the new authentic brand had become. What emerged was the Benjamin Franklin theme: we recommended browns, creams, and steel blue for the new branding, and refreshed the same logo with the new colors. This time we also designed the website, along with the video, trade show booth, ads, brochures, and CD-ROM mailers. We shot all new photography and video, and wrote all the copy for the Versatility with Stability. campaign. Click to see the website directly.



DeDietrich Boilers consumer web page


Macna (Sole U.S. importer of DeDietrich boilers) What's not to like about the energy and brand appeal that Jason Nowland brought to DeDietrich products in the U.S.? He did a super job ... much stronger than the European marketing which attempts to sell features, not benefits. We worked with Jason and Macna on video, photography and web development, and our role was to rewrite his copy for the web, design the web user interface, create the flash animations, and code the site. We also produced a number of video modules that were used in presentations and distributed via a CD direct mail campaign.

Unfortunately, Macna couldn't quite make it, and closed its doors a few years ago. There's a great lesson for all of us: good marketing does not guarantee a successful business. Perhaps selling imported French boilers in a country that prefers forced air natural gas was never a smart idea. Perhaps the company was undercapitalized, or made staffing mistakes. Whatever the reason, economics killed a cool company with a knowledgeable staff and a great product. Though the site is not live, a replica of it is operating here




StartwriteLLC home page


Startwrite is a simple, inexpensive site created with Apple's iWeb program so that the client could maintain it herself. We shot the photos in a two-hour session at her office, wrote the copy and laid out the site for her. You can see it here.