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 Video Work - Demo Reel

Demo reel 2011

Kindig Reel - 2011 from Owen Richard Kindig on Vimeo.

This two-minute piece builds with the tension and drama of Piernicola Di Muro's tone poem, "Revelations" (licensed for this demo). It shows a wide variety of work, including candid and studio video, 35mm timelapses, nature cinematography and "decisive moment" people shots. What I'm proudest of in the work is the authenticity of each person -- I really feel good when folks feel comfortable with the camera, and focused on sharing their own viewpoints without self-consciousness.

The shots for this reel were culled from pieces I directed and edited. One of the manatee underwater clips was shot by Jordan Klein, and the Switzerland (Nestle) and Drumstick shots from a Nestle employee piece were shot by my good friend Jeff Barklage -- the best cinematographer I've ever worked with. The aerial shots were filmed by an LA P-38 crew, who did a great job gathering a bunch of stuff with only my faxed google maps to guide them.

All the remaining clips were shot by me, on a variety of film and video cameras. "Near Seattle 1907" was shot on a 16mm Arriflex, and the manatee clips were filmed with an Aaton Prod 16mm camera in an inflatable housing. A wide variety of other cameras were used.

People shown in this compilation include: Jodie Foster, Warren Etheredge, President of ESPN George Bodenheimer, Huntington Bancshares CEO Thomas Hoaglin, Maestro Alessandro Siciliani, Professor Tony Lisska, Author Donna VanLiere, Tom Nugent, President of LaserMotive, and a number of students from Denison and Cedarville Universities. There are timelapse shots of an Ohio thunderstorm, a Lake Erie Sunrise, Mount Palomar Observatory, shot for the American Institute of Physics, as well as The Three Sisters in Sitka, Alaska; aerials of Los Angeles I directed for a national logistics company. Actor Chris Broyles plays two sides of himself in a production for McGraw-Hill, and children at the Welsh Hills School read their own English compositions. There are period films of the birth of the Nestle, Drumstick, and Carnation companies; and emotional dramatizations of hurting children for a children's agency. A DVD or full-res file of this piece is available.