How amazing it is, when a People speak

I take a break from commenting on the business of communication to reflect on the real power of communication as we all watched it unfold in Egypt. That power is, of course, the will of human beings. It’s a beautiful thing to see people stand up against despotism. Our own revolution started that way, and the titular heads of the last few undemocratic nations in the world are now shivering, fearful of what might happen if everyone is free to express their wishes and pursue their personal dreams.

Twitter, cell phones, the internet all have their place; but the tools are not the source of the power, any more than a blackboard is the source of a Harvard education. The question is, “who is speaking, and what are they saying?” I’m glad that the social media finally gave the people a loud enough voice that they could finally hear each other, and be heard around the world. Tyrants look pitifully weak in the presence of the galvanized, united will of a People.

I was also impressed by President Obama’s dignified, intelligent and inspiring words:

Friday was a good day to be an observer of the most exciting time to be alive in human history. “It was the moral force of non-violence that bent the arc of history once more.”

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