The camera I’ve been waiting for has arrived…

Sony has just announced the camera I’ve been waiting for. I sold my last broadcast camera over a year ago, and waved goodbye to tape, HDV, big cameras with relatively small sensors and huge zoom lenses, and all the other things that make video look like video, not film. It’s not easy to be a Seattle video producer without a nice big gleaming piece of chrome and glass… but I’ve been supporting myself with three matched Sony HR SR12 camcorders, which look unprofessional but actually crank out a pretty awesome image in manual mode. I’ve even been able to do good green-screen work with them, and my Letus Direct 35mm adapter has done a good job at times, too. I’ve watched the DSLR movement accelerate but can’t get over the rube-goldberg pile of trinkets you have to add to make it work in a real shooting environment.

Well today as I was working on bookkeeping I discovered this little puppy: the Sony Super35 NXCam. Awesome camera and I’m sure it’ll be the talk of NAB this year. So hopefully by this fall, after I am completely out of debt, I will pay cash for a couple of these babies.

Let me know what you think.

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