Mobilize your story: you're gonna love our Apps

Everybody and their uncle is making apps. I’ll write a serious comparison of your options soon. But for now I just want to say that we have been working for the better part of a year on a way to bring you fast turnaround, robust app development which can deliver exciting content in a timely way to the entire mobile space. Now it’s here.

Story Continuum, a Seattle publishing company for books, video, and other media content for the entire mobile space.

Story Continuum -- let us mobilize your story.

We have created a separate company which is dedicated to publishing your content into the platform of your choice. iPhone. iPad. Android. Nook. Kindle. ePub. In most cases, we will do this for a share of the revenues. What share? That depends on how much of the content creation we do and how much of the marketing. We can do all of both, or some of both, or we can simply place your media or format your book into our outstanding platforms and get the app approved for you. In some cases, we will want to charge an up-front fee, but even here we’re confident our prices will be surprisingly inexpensive.

We have a solution that uses HTML5 streaming or download, and we have a solution that creates elegant bug-free (or at least not bug-infested!) customized native apps in all the major platforms at once for a fraction of the cost of normal development. More details, and samples, will appear very soon.

The company we have formed for this enterprise is Story Continuum LLC. You’ll see the logo family resemblance — the same cave-art character, this time engaged in a circular process that brings star power ¬†and a compelling denouement to your story, whether in print, video, audio, or interactive instructional formats that are yet to be invented. As the New York Times recently demonstrated, the mobile space has emerged as the best way to monetize content… and we’re eager to help you achieve that dream.

Call Owen at 206-399-4476 to discuss your ideas.