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This one makes me cry

I’ve been down the road in this commercial 4 times. 4 different daughters that I have held, diapered, fed, walked, watched movies with, taught to ride a bike, sent off to college, and endeavored to protect from bad boys and dangerous decisions. And I’ve never given one of them a car, which makes me cry…

Zacuto Camera shootout – part 1 and 2

Here’s part 1 … Part 2 is here. It’s great to see the world’s best cinematographers talking about their craft… though the opening salvo is a little melodramatic for my tastes, the 2nd installment is definitely worth the wait. I’m not going to give you the list of cameras. Watch Part 1, about 2/3 of…

Not just the Next Big Thing. This will be HUGE.

Thanks to @TimReha of New Media Synergy, who like me operates out of the SURF Incubator in Seattle, I had the honor of meeting Mirta Gilson last week. Mirta is the Business Development Manager for Make.TV. Mirta has established an outpost in Los Angeles where she is developing partnerships and doing deals to help producers…

Audi – Vampires

A lot of effort to sell headlights.

Chevy – End of the World

Hubris of Biblical proportions.

The roots of architecture

I just reconnected with an old friend, Mark Feinknopf… a wonderful man and stellar architect who is passionate about sustainability and bringing human scale to cities. And I was so excited that he sent me to this link. It’s a video I produced for him to be shown at his presentation when his firm was…

Steve Jobs sells the landing of the Mother Ship

Thanks to the Twitterverse for alerting me to this presentation by Steve Jobs to the Cupertino city council. It’s classic Steve Jobs. “I’m going to tell you a story … and your life will never be the same. It’s really cool, really different. We go from 20% parkland to 80% parkland; and reducing asphalt parking…

A little music to quench the madness

Sometimes stupidity has a wardrobe malfunction, and we see evil behind it. Time to stop laughing and start expressing indignation. But first, maybe we can just sing. For such a time as that, here’s a little reggae for the soul.

Thanks to Josh Kaufman: The Craftsman’s Creed

Here is Josh Kaufman’s Craftsman’s Creed. It certainly describes how I feel in the many roles I continue to play in life: a filmmaker, web designer, writer, photographer, debate coach, speaker, pastor, counselor, carpenter, shepherd, environmentalist, gardener, and parent. All honest work is profitable. I am a craftsman. I am dedicated to perfecting the art…

When interviewing is bad, it is awful

It’s easy to tell when the interviewee is nervous or distrustful of his director. They’ll say things that they know the director expects to hear … nothing surprising, dramatic, or the least bit interesting. It’s all just an exercise in “talking points”. Authenticity comes from seeing a person visibly passionate about what they are saying, stretching the limits to make a point…. reaching for the best possible way to say it because they care about the topic and they want the director, who is a stand-in for the entire audience, to understand.