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Chrysler – Half Time, America

All the right moves.

The debt ceiling test: communicate or fail?

Like many Americans who worry about the future and wonder about the best policy to pursue, I watched the President’s speech Sunday night, and Rep. Boehner’s immediate response afterward. They offer a sobering lesson on how ineffective the use of video be when we care about our message the most. Don’t let the high stakes…

Steve Jobs sells the landing of the Mother Ship

Thanks to the Twitterverse for alerting me to this presentation by Steve Jobs to the Cupertino city council. It’s classic Steve Jobs. “I’m going to tell you a story … and your life will never be the same. It’s really cool, really different. We go from 20% parkland to 80% parkland; and reducing asphalt parking…

A little music to quench the madness

Sometimes stupidity has a wardrobe malfunction, and we see evil behind it. Time to stop laughing and start expressing indignation. But first, maybe we can just sing. For such a time as that, here’s a little reggae for the soul.

How amazing it is, when a People speak

I take a break from commenting on the business of communication to reflect on the real power of communication as we all watched it unfold in Egypt. That power is, of course, the will of human beings. It’s a beautiful thing to see people stand up against despotism. Our own revolution started that way, and…

Hosni K. Mubarak, will you please go now!

The time has come. The time is now. Hosni K. Mubarak — will you please go now!

Ancient Wonder, Modern Mystery

That’s the name of a multimedia presentation I wrote long ago, about the Great Pyramid and Egypt. It has new meaning for me tonight, as we all look on, wondering what is happening in Egypt. Mubarak on one hand, and the peoples of Egypt on the other … what will happen is still wrapped in…

What is the Internet?

Having trouble remembering 1994? If you’re not a GenY, get ready to laugh at yourself: