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What kinds of video are people watching at work?

According to research reported by Wistia, 64% of Americans admit to watching video on their mobile devices at work. 53% are men and 34% of women. Hmmm…. that only makes 87%. Not sure what sex the other 13% are! 37% don’t care if they’re caught… the others watch on the QT. Here’s what they say…

4 Revolutions at once: Mobile video, apps, social media promotion, and MMA

Ztoryteller is changing. Actually, I’ve been changing, very fast, and the rapid curve incline is only now becoming visible. Stay tuned for a ton of major changes in the coming weeks.

This change began last April, when we shot two MMA instructional app videos for Ivan Salaverry. Search for them in the App Store under Salaverry MMA.