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Chrysler – Half Time, America

All the right moves.

Chevy – Grad

Visual storytelling at its best.

Chevy – This too shall not pass

OK Go does it again. Wow.

What kinds of video are people watching at work?

According to research reported by Wistia, 64% of Americans admit to watching video on their mobile devices at work. 53% are men and 34% of women. Hmmm…. that only makes 87%. Not sure what sex the other 13% are! 37% don’t care if they’re caught… the others watch on the QT. Here’s what they say…

The debt ceiling test: communicate or fail?

Like many Americans who worry about the future and wonder about the best policy to pursue, I watched the President’s speech Sunday night, and Rep. Boehner’s immediate response afterward. They offer a sobering lesson on how ineffective the use of video be when we care about our message the most. Don’t let the high stakes…

The roots of architecture

I just reconnected with an old friend, Mark Feinknopf… a wonderful man and stellar architect who is passionate about sustainability and bringing human scale to cities. And I was so excited that he sent me to this link. It’s a video I produced for him to be shown at his presentation when his firm was…

Steve Jobs sells the landing of the Mother Ship

Thanks to the Twitterverse for alerting me to this presentation by Steve Jobs to the Cupertino city council. It’s classic Steve Jobs. “I’m going to tell you a story … and your life will never be the same. It’s really cool, really different. We go from 20% parkland to 80% parkland; and reducing asphalt parking…

Kurt Vonnegut on the shapes of stories

Thanks to Roger Ebert’s twitter feed and blog for introducing this great little humorous lesson. And remember: audiences like “off-scale happiness” endings, even if it takes a stretch to achieve them.

The Alberta Oil Sands: Who gives a duck? I do.

Thanks to Climate Change Crock of the Week for posting this brief diversion from my editing: It’s time to say no to stupidity.

What happens if your video producer has an attitude?

Maybe something like this: Thanks to Scott Adams for telling it like it is!