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When John Cleese talks about creativity, he gets serious!

This is a terrific description of what we need to do if we want to be creative: let our subconscious mind do its work, create physical and temporal space, avoid distractions, allow the mind to play without critiquing it. Oh, and he also tells us the value of Flemish!

Starbucks: fighting a land war in Asia

When a person adapts to the times, they’re seen as progressive… becoming more “highly evolved”. When a company whose brand is as highly evolved as Starbucks adapts to the times, they run the risk of appearing shifty. That’s what Starbucks is facing, as has been widely reported in the press and blogosphere. At issue is…

Boone Oakley

The story of Billy, Marketing Director, courtesy of Aden Hepburn and his Digital Buzz Blog. Do you agree with him that it’s the most creative website ever? Great creative … is great tactical execution on top of great strategic direction. Quite rare, but fun to watch when it does!

Largest July 4 Chinese Fireworks Display Ever

On July 4, 1054, Chinese and Arab observers saw a star appear in Taurus that was 4 times brighter than Venus, and could be seen day and night for 23 days. Eventually this supernova turned into … You can read about the facts behind this visual phenomenon at http://bit.ly/XFeyD You can see other Absolut Ads…

Fair use abuse

This Chronicle clip talks about the academic/pop culture remix uses of copyrighted video on the web. The American University profs in the interview claim that the sorts of uses they sample for the reporter are fair, and contribute to a new kind of dialog among people. I’m not inclined to agree. I think most of…