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A Dilbert Twitter Truth

Kurt Vonnegut on the shapes of stories

Thanks to Roger Ebert’s twitter feed and blog for introducing this great little humorous lesson. And remember: audiences like “off-scale happiness” endings, even if it takes a stretch to achieve them.

The Alberta Oil Sands: Who gives a duck? I do.

Thanks to Climate Change Crock of the Week for posting this brief diversion from my editing: It’s time to say no to stupidity.

When John Cleese talks about creativity, he gets serious!

This is a terrific description of what we need to do if we want to be creative: let our subconscious mind do its work, create physical and temporal space, avoid distractions, allow the mind to play without critiquing it. Oh, and he also tells us the value of Flemish!

NBC censors its past

Just a few days ago I posted a humorous glimpse of Today Show history. Now we find out that NBC has fired the employee responsible for uploading the piece, and has been removing them from the Internet as fast as they can. Here’s an article about the matter. Come now, NBC. Don’t you have more…

The ladies fight back:

As I was finally getting my blog upgraded to self-hosted WordPress, and fixing links to videos from last year, I found some sarcastic female responses to the Dodge Charger ad I panned last March. Yep, the ladies had a little steam to vent. Here are two of the more creative responses … R rated.

This Too Shall Pass — but you’ll want to watch it a few times

Thanks to @DaveWaite for passing this along. All the ingredients for a viral video: unpredictability, humor, authenticity… and senselessness. Wow.

And the winner is… (best car Super Bowl spots)

I missed most of the Super Bowl, and had to watch the spots afterward to get my annual taste-test of advertising trends. There’s Adweek’s great coverage, USA Today’s ad meter, Ad Age’s Bob Garfield rundown, and many other opinions if you want to compare impact and effectiveness. Most agree that Go-Daddy captured the flag in…

The banned Super Bowl spot I really like

Until the punch line, you’ll never guess what this ad is selling…. but it’s a great way to make a case for their product! I’m not sure why it was banned in 2006.

VW Volcano taps volcanic resentment among creatives

Here’s a new spot on YouTube… thanks to the Creative Intensive Network on LinkedIn, for sharing it, and Alexander Bickov for posting it on YouTube. I really love the storytelling that director Marcello Serpa of AlmapBBDO Brazil accomplished in only a minute seventeen seconds… but judging from the comments on LinkedIn, I’m in the minority….