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NBC censors its past

Just a few days ago I posted a humorous glimpse of Today Show history. Now we find out that NBC has fired the employee responsible for uploading the piece, and has been removing them from the Internet as fast as they can. Here’s an article about the matter. Come now, NBC. Don’t you have more…

What is the Internet?

Having trouble remembering 1994? If you’re not a GenY, get ready to laugh at yourself:

Web Site Story

Best viral video I’ve seen in a while: thank you, Leonard Bernstein¬† and College Humor! Laughingsquid link

Twitter soon obsolete? Tell me something I didn't know… :-)

Jason Clark writes a great article in the iMedia Connection blog on the topic, “Why Twitter will soon become obsolete”. Key takeaway from his perspective: Google Wave is the Next Big Thing. His article is well-researched and tracks other milestones in the social networking world: MySpace, Facebook, all the way back to the email and…

Maybe McLuhan was right

During the 90s my brand positioning statement was “The Medium is NOT the Message” — directly contradicting Marshall McLuhan’s famous apocalyptic remark about where we were headed. My point, then and now, was that the message is what’s important. Content trumps conveyances. Here’s a video by Mike Wesch, a cultural anthropology prof at KSU that…