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Motivation, Hollywood style

Lots of my favorite movies illustrate motivation principles. Runaway Jury, A Civil Action, The Insider, The Rainmaker, Quiz Show. Documentaries that fail at motivation include An Inconvenient Truth and Sicko.

How to motivate with video 2: Six ways to inform the mind

Here are 6 tips on keeping our content informative … without preaching: Talk like you’ve been listening. Today we need the audience’s permission to present our movie. ┬áSo approach them with a listening attitude — a perceptible sensitivity to why they may be troubled, baffled, or bored. Acknowledge the barriers, their questions. This is really…

The Three M's of Motivation – part 1: Cross the Moat

As part of my ICAA presentation on “Using Video: When it’s powerful, when it’s not”, I first talked about how we think and what motivates us. To set it up I used a clip of a little boy who I had interviewed. I asked him, “If you could change the world, what would you change?”…