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Kurt Vonnegut on the shapes of stories

Thanks to Roger Ebert’s twitter feed and blog for introducing this great little humorous lesson. And remember: audiences like “off-scale happiness” endings, even if it takes a stretch to achieve them.

Whats your story by Dan Pink

Found this nearly decade-old article from Fast Company by one of my favorite writers. It’s about Dana Winslow Atchley III, who by 1998 was developing a business client list by promoting brand identity with a combination of one-man theatre and digital video storytelling. Mr. Atchley founded a digital storytelling film festival in Colorado, which lasted…

Ford goes to "real stories, real people."

Ford is using edgy documentary style video for its “Swap Your Ride” promotion. People are given a Ford car to replace their car for a week, and the results (that is, the ones that favor Ford) are made available on the website. My point exactly! For colleges, the testimonial experience of actual students is far…