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Procter & Gamble Olympics spots

Ad Age tells the gratifying story of how Procter & Gamble has made a conscious decision to find ways for their creative suppliers to come back with truly outstanding content. The current Wieden & Kennedy Olympics campaign is one manifestation of that support. “It takes great clients to do great advertising”, and in my view…

Kurt Vonnegut on the shapes of stories

Thanks to Roger Ebert’s twitter feed and blog for introducing this great little humorous lesson. And remember: audiences like “off-scale happiness” endings, even if it takes a stretch to achieve them.

VW Volcano taps volcanic resentment among creatives

Here’s a new spot on YouTube… thanks to the Creative Intensive Network on LinkedIn, for sharing it, and Alexander Bickov for posting it on YouTube. I really love the storytelling that director Marcello Serpa of AlmapBBDO Brazil accomplished in only a minute seventeen seconds… but judging from the comments on LinkedIn, I’m in the minority….

"And the wind died…"

Note: this post was originally written some time back with the name of the client, but at his request I removed it to protect his privacy. From time to time I share some of the deeply personal stories that have enriched me as I ply my trade as a storyteller. This one dates back almost…

Authentic process video

Just bought a T-shirt for a friend, and the site’s product “how we do it” video has a cool aroma of authenticity. Here the storytelling device is the POV of the shirt, from mind of customer to body of customer, and everything in between. [I used this device for a Nestle production a few years…

Going viral

Today I attended a webinar by Studio Daily on the business of producing web video. It featured segments by Thor Raxlen and Darren Himebrook of GuerillaFX, who have done a lot of Nike work; Pat Carpenter of Creative Bubble, and Avi Savar, founder of Big Fuel. Thor is a director and partner at Guerilla (in…

Taking out the good lines

Hillman Curtis is one clear-thinking web designer, who has evolved into video production. (I am a video producer, who has evolved into web design and branding). In his book, MTIV, he quotes Hemingway: “Write the story. Then take out all the good lines, and see if it still works.” That’s the key to effective storytelling….

Whats your story by Dan Pink

Found this nearly decade-old article from Fast Company by one of my favorite writers. It’s about Dana Winslow Atchley III, who by 1998 was developing a business client list by promoting brand identity with a combination of one-man theatre and digital video storytelling. Mr. Atchley founded a digital storytelling film festival in Colorado, which lasted…