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Project Rebirth timelapse tour de force

14 cameras have been pointed at Ground Zero for 7 years, and will continue for another 8 until the entire process of rebuilding the 9/11 site has been completed. 35mm film is being exposed, a frame every 5 seconds, by each camera, in the most massive timelapse documentation of a single event in history.

Green screen state of the art

This jaw-dropping green-screen mashup reveals the how-to (or at least the what) behind a lot of relatively normal-looking location shots. The key, of course, is the quality of the background plates…. these shots demonstrate that you can focus on your foreground action with your actors, and then assemble the other elements in a virtual world,…

Whats your story by Dan Pink

Found this nearly decade-old article from Fast Company by one of my favorite writers. It’s about Dana Winslow Atchley III, who by 1998 was developing a business client list by promoting brand identity with a combination of one-man theatre and digital video storytelling. Mr. Atchley founded a digital storytelling film festival in Colorado, which lasted…