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VW Star Wars wins the Spot War with boy toys

…what makes it all “click” is the story. In 30 seconds we meet a little boy who is thinking big… but his “force” just doesn’t work. Nothing responds to his will, not even a sandwich. And then, suddenly, he gets powerful. It surprises and scares him. He is so surprised, he wheels around to see if his parents noticed his amazing power… and we are let in on the secret…

This Too Shall Pass — but you’ll want to watch it a few times

Thanks to @DaveWaite for passing this along. All the ingredients for a viral video: unpredictability, humor, authenticity… and senselessness. Wow.

Boone Oakley

The story of Billy, Marketing Director, courtesy of Aden Hepburn and his Digital Buzz Blog. Do you agree with him that it’s the most creative website ever? Great creative … is great tactical execution on top of great strategic direction. Quite rare, but fun to watch when it does!

Web Site Story

Best viral video I’ve seen in a while: thank you, Leonard Bernstein¬† and College Humor! Laughingsquid link

Dark Knight. Why so serious?

As announced by Aden Hepburn, here’s a very interesting documentary about the Cannes Grand Prix viral winner: a promotional campaign for the rollout of the Dark Knight movie which got 10 million people around the world involved in not just internet observation and virtual participation, but games, scavenger hunts, cell phone interchanges, and massive public…

The lowly DNA of Zack Tampax

What’s left is the feeling that you’ve just had a joke played on you. It’s not fiction; it’s product placement. It’s not art; it’s science wrapped up to look like art. Look into Zack’s DNA, and you find … the same 1950s materialism that gave us Soap Operas.

Going viral

Today I attended a webinar by Studio Daily on the business of producing web video. It featured segments by Thor Raxlen and Darren Himebrook of GuerillaFX, who have done a lot of Nike work; Pat Carpenter of Creative Bubble, and Avi Savar, founder of Big Fuel. Thor is a director and partner at Guerilla (in…

Humor as perpetual emotion

An open letter to Andy Beedle… I’m an Andy Beedle fan. Love your sense of humor, admire your ability to assemble a creative staff and deliver a measurable marketing success to college clients. I share your commitment to the college market, and share your perspectives on many issues related to marketing to Millennials, including the…