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VW Star Wars wins the Spot War with boy toys

…what makes it all “click” is the story. In 30 seconds we meet a little boy who is thinking big… but his “force” just doesn’t work. Nothing responds to his will, not even a sandwich. And then, suddenly, he gets powerful. It surprises and scares him. He is so surprised, he wheels around to see if his parents noticed his amazing power… and we are let in on the secret…

And the winner is… (best car Super Bowl spots)

I missed most of the Super Bowl, and had to watch the spots afterward to get my annual taste-test of advertising trends. There’s Adweek’s great coverage, USA Today’s ad meter, Ad Age’s Bob Garfield rundown, and many other opinions if you want to compare impact and effectiveness. Most agree that Go-Daddy captured the flag in…

VW Volcano taps volcanic resentment among creatives

Here’s a new spot on YouTube… thanks to the Creative Intensive Network on LinkedIn, for sharing it, and Alexander Bickov for posting it on YouTube. I really love the storytelling that director Marcello Serpa of AlmapBBDO Brazil accomplished in only a minute seventeen seconds… but judging from the comments on LinkedIn, I’m in the minority….