Web Design

In the early days of the web, it was called a superhighway. Now it’s a lot more than something you travel on to get from one old thing to another. It’s a city, a world, an ecosystem, a brain. It’s where your ideas live and get bumped into new shapes. It’s where the complexities of your personality get exposed, improved, dirtied, and redeemed. The web is where you hang your hat, visit your friends, confront your enemies, do your work, and escape from work. It’s comforting and it’s scary, endless and yet still humanly, maddeningly, finite. Most of the world lives there these days, and has multiple addresses.

Whenever we approach a web design, we have 3 primary goals:

  1. Be true to your brand, and build both its value and its impact.
  2. Be found on the web, using the best strategies for attracting visitors.
  3. Be intuitive and user-friendly. That means find a balance between freshness and novelty on one hand, and accepted conventions on the other.

Ultimately what people are looking for is information and inspiration, not some whammer jammer design tour-de-force. You’ve got 6 seconds for them to see something they need and want… and then they’re movin’ on.

Lately, everything we do is on the WordPress platform, usually using the Headway theme because of its versatility and design flexibility.

Here are some examples from our portfolio: