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Production Capabilities

Areas of competence:

Content: conceptualization and realization

  • Persuasive content for high tech, fundraising, health care, architecture, publishing, consumer goods, and industrial clients.
  • Complexity & authenticity. Drawing audiences into an engagement with sophisticated, nuanced issues is a specialty.
  • Informative content. Print, video, web, or multi-media learning applications. Educational topics have included:
    1. Manatees (web, CD-ROM, educational handouts and award-winning video scripts);
    2. Self-help (Peak Performance and Customer Service teacher notes and discussion-starter scripts supplement authors' text for McGraw-Hill collegiate division books);
    3. Counseling (Marriage and child-rearing audio scripts for Quest International);
    4. Health care (Magazine articles on heart health, smoking impacts, brain anatomy, new treatment methodologies for Mount Carmel Health);
  • Documentary narrative - Here, most of the dialog may be pulled from found moments of documentary video and interviews. But the story framework and emotional glue may need to be supplied by one or more narrative voices, scripted and performed with an ear for the authentic and the credible.
  • Opinion and criticism - see my Ztoryteller blog
  • Interview-based non-fiction storytelling - As yet unpublished. My first book will be in this area. Currently under development.
  • Dramatic feature screenplays - Currently planning three projects... stay tuned


Giving the message priority over the medium imparts a greater insight into where to point the camera, who to feature, what to visualize.

I have skills as a Director, DP, camera operator, producer, and editor. I also love to collaborate with professionals in any of these areas.


Broad experience with aerial, underwater, location, and studio photography and videography. Can shoot a whole range of cameras from lipstick & extreme sports all the way to broadcast, HD, & film. I'm also comfortable directing jimmy jib, steadicam, and gearhead shooters. Effective at developing fresh approaches, unusual lenses and angles, and technical inventions to augment camera movement or special lighting situations.


My own van is equipped with Travato Arm jib, doorway dolly with tight turning radius, plus 5 HMI lights, Chimeras, and grip gear for a complete approach to location interviews that don't look "lit".

I have 3 matched Sony HD cameras that are inexpensive for 2 or 3-camera shoots, and a Letus Direct adapter with Nikon glass for shallow depth of field, cinematic looking footage that compares well to much more expensive systems.


I also have perfected my travel package, able to go to foreign countries with highly versatile cameras that allow me to work fast, avoid complications by shooting in a low-visibility way, and carry all the necessary gear on my back in a secure backpack. I have also developed a lightweight and fast lighting package that fits within one 50-lb. rolling airline case.


I have shot for CBS (Amazing Race), BET, ABC, and a number of large agency producers. You can rely on me to assemble the right package and crew, adhere to budgets, and work effectively with your client without compromising either your relationship or the quality of the finished product.