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 Qualitative Research etc.

How can intellectual enclaves reach broader audiences?

You might be an expert on peak oil, music education, climate change, or human memory research ... and you could easily spend all your time just trying to stay abreast with your area of expertise. My core competency is deep listening to complex subjects, understanding the topic in a strategic way, and finding a compelling way to explain it to an audience.


The audience could be policy-makers, liberals, conservatives, Joe sixpack, Americans, English-speaking internationals, retirees, Boomers, Millennials, or kids.


If you wish you could do a brain dump and have somebody actually help you finish a book, co-write a book, augment a book with a compelling watchable video, create a website ... whatever, perhaps we should talk. It won't cost anything to brainstorm together a bit on the phone...


Here's a case in point: a video I produced for the American Institute of Physics. Complicated subject. Needed emotional hooks. Both wonky and worker audiences.


American Institute of Physics 75th Anniversary from Owen Richard Kindig on Vimeo.